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Announcement Event:
16Nov2018 - Microtek Marine LLC announced today that they have inked a partnership deal with Maritime Cyber Security LLC to jointly provide to Mariners, Marinas and Marine Companies: 

1. Initial analysis reports on possibly compromised systems.

2. Threat defense (e.g. Denial of Service attack management, virus outbreak etc) 

3.Malware analysis and reverse engineering mitigation recommendations and execution 

4. Coordination with local and international law enforcement for prosecution.

5. Legally admissible forensic data capture and analysis. 

6. Vulnerability Testing and Analysis.

7.Advanced Pen Testing with CCB Recommendations.

8.Source Code Testing/Analysis with Remediation Report.

Use contact us page on our Website for information, 419-607-3450 or email: cybersecurity@microtekmarinegroup.com

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