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We cannot accept Lowrance Equipment due to severe parts shortage.  Since August 2018 when we announced ending Legacy Lowrance repairs we have had 278 units just show up at our door and now individuals are filing complaints with the BBB that we are withholding their units while in reality we have been awaiting minimum quantities achievement so the factories will make the parts. To STOP this practice effective September 1, 2019 please send email to requestservice@microtekmarinegroup to obtain RMA #.  This number MUST be on outside of UPS package or it will be refused. MICROTEK IS NOT BUYING PARTS FROM CHINA ANY LONGER SO DO NOT ASK US TO DO SO.  Note: If you call us drunk and decide to be RUDE, you will receive RUDE in return.  These Veterans deserve better treatment!
26Jan2019:IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Microtek will no longer accept any legacy Lowrance Equipment for repair due to worsening part availability. This replaces the August 2018 announcement that restricted certain series of equipment that we could not accept. We have always said that "if we can get the parts we can fix it", (even though we do not advertise for Lowrance) which today is still true but now there are 147 parts that are not available in the United States and to get from other countries is taking an unacceptable amount of time and expense during this administration. These parts will be listed as non available not pending on current orders. Moving forward Microtek will only accept equipment repair requests where we have parts inventory or confirmed domestic availability to parts. This saddens us because we have repaired Lowrance equipment since 1985 but we simply can no longer get some legacy semiconductors manufactured quickly and Lowrance is not willing to help us. Most vendors are telling us that they are accumulating orders to justify production. We agree that years is an unacceptable lead time for parts past end of life and no longer trust these foreign vendors delivery promises that Microtek gets blamed for.
For return of your equipment and any refund due, please send an email to ReturnRequest@microtekmarinegroup.com with your claim#, serial# and return address for UPS adult signature, we will return your unit and refund in about 3 weeks.We encourange you to send your future repair needs to Lowrance. Microtek apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused but these repairs are not our core business and we are fighting a losing battle in not receiving these prepaid parts during this administration.Any physical harm threats and cyber bullying of Microtek's Employees will not be tolerated and reported to Law Enforcement. The safety of Microtek employees is of the upmost importance.Thanks to all of our loyal customers since 1973.

25Aug2018:Good Morning Internet, This week the BBB put out the following alert at my request: "Pattern of Complaints
Complaints on file reflect a pattern of similar issues. Specifically, consumers report delays in repairs. On July 23, 2018 the owner of Microtek responded to BBB and acknowledged the delays and explained they use a manufacturer that sells hard to find parts (thus the delay). Microtek said in the future they will explain to their customers possible delays in repairs due to ordering the hard to find parts." EXPLANATION - The original manufacturer of these parts is out of business and this Chinese Company is the only company world worldwide that will make these hand made parts. Microtek is the only customer for these parts and we paid for these parts to be made 2 years ago. We cannot get our money back. Realizing that we are the ONLY company worldwide that will repair these units to board level but to stop the complaints that "we are ripping people off" we have set up a new mailbox & division for returns. 11 people out of 639 (that have parts back ordered) have cancelled in past 6 weeks, which is their right but please understand that they will NEVER get their units repaired ANYWHERE. If you do not want to wait please send an email to: ReturnRequest@microtekmarinegroup.com with your claim#, serial# and address for UPS adult signature, we will return your unit in about 3 weeks. Please do not just call and say "This is Robert, send back my unit".  To the customers that are understanding about trade embargoes/part shortages - THANK YOU.

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